Short people tend to lose less weight. Here’s why?

New Delhi : Losing weight is a process that needs drastic change in your lifestyle and majorly depends on the sex, age and workout regime of people. There is no perfect diet and workout combination which can be universally implemented for effective results. While you may contact an expert to correct your diet and other factors, there is one thing which can be your biggest hurdle in losing weight – your height.

Many people may get surprised with the fact but losing weight also depends heavily on your height, for shorter people it is more of a difficult process as compared to the taller ones.

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Relation between your weight and height

If there are two people who follow same diet and workout routine then the smaller height person will lose less weight as compared to the other. The basic explanation to this is that the smaller body requires less energy and eventually burn less calories in doing a task.

People with short height naturally have less lean mass. Lean mass includes tissues, muscles, organs, bones, connective tissues. The number of calories you burn with different physical activities depends upon the amount of lean mass in your body. Lean muscle mass affects our basal metabolic rate (BMR), which determines how many calories the body burns at rest. More lean muscle means higher BMR and faster weight loss. Besides, short people also have less muscle as compared to taller people. Both of these factors make it difficult for short people to shed kilos faster than those who are taller.


Tips for effective weight loss

No matter what your height is, here are some tips which will help you in effective weight loss.

# Eat less Calories: It is always a better idea to consume less calories than the ones you are burning on a daily basis. There is nothing like you cannot eat, it is perfectly fine to have anything you like but do not forget to keep a calorie check. The only advice here is that eat as per your need and never over eat.

# Lift weights: When you lift weights, your body requires more energy and eventually loses more calories than normal workout. To boost the idea of weight loss lifting weights is also a good idea. This should be done under expert supervision.

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# Protein diet: Protein diet is a must for people who are trying to shed some kilos as it helps in building muscles and also for the recovery of sore muscles.

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