When It Is Legal To Gamble Around The World


Gambling is a global practice and it exists in every culture across the world. It’s not allowed in every country in the world, however, and in those in which it is allowed, there are different laws regulating how and where you’re able to do it.

One of the biggest differences when it comes to who can gamble comes from the laws regarding the legal age for gambling. It’s essential that you’re aware of these rules and follow them since there are penalties for those who don’t. 

Gambling Age in The US

The legal gambling age in the US depends on which state you’re gambling in. It ranges from 18 to 21 and in some cases, there’s a difference depending on which game you’re playing. The way players are punished for breaking this rule also depends on which state you’re in and how you break it. 

For instance, in Alabama minors aren’t allowed to enter the casino even if they are not playing. Other states are far less strict. Arizona allows legal charities to work as casinos at night.

Gambling Age in The UK

The UK is more accepting of gambling than the US. The legal age for gambling in the UK is set at 18 and that’s the case with all parts of the country and all casinos and games. The same rules also apply to betting shops and bingo halls. Online gambling also requires you to prove you’re over 18.

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Gambling machines found in some entertainment centers don’t fall under these rules. Those are usually games that aren’t played for money, but for some sort of prize instead. Gambling if you’re under 18 is a criminal offense and they are steep. 

Gambling Age in Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is known as one of the best cities for gambling in the world. It’s a city of high rollers, high fashion, and the world elite. It’s also one of the most beautiful places you can visit in Europe and a detour you should make on your trip to or from France. 

The legal age for gambling in Monte Carlo is set at 18 and there’s a fee for entering the casinos regardless of if you’re playing or not. The fee is set at $10 and it’s paid for those who are minors and can’t play, as well. 

Gambling Age in Japan

Gambling isn’t legal in Japan and there are no casinos anywhere in the country, at least no legal ones. There are illegal establishments run by the Japanese mafia known as Yakuza but there are no rules as to who can gamble in these casinos since they themselves follow no rules. 

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There are other forms of betting in Japan and those are legal.  These include horse betting, bingo, bicycle, car racing, and other sports betting. There’s an age restriction for participating in these activities and it’s set at 20 years. There are penalties for those who try to play these games and are underage. 

Gambling Age in Macau 

Macau plays a special role in the gambling world of Asia. It’s a part of China but it has its legal system which allows for gambling. That’s why it has become a gambling hub of the region and there’s a growing interest in high-end gambling in Asia.

When it comes to its gambling offer Macau is pretty much the Las Vegas of the East when it comes to what kind of games you can play and what kind of stay you can expect. The legal age for gambling in Macau is 18 for tourists and 21 for locals. 

Gambling Age in Singapore

There are two casinos in Singapore but they play a big role in the local economy and the economy of the region. There are only a few countries and entities that allow for gambling in the region and Singapore is one of them. The gambling life is therefore a big part of the economic growth the small Asian country is so well known for. 

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The gambling age in Singapore is set at 21. However, the casinos offer so much more than gambling and if you’re just there for entertainment and food, you can enter if you’re below gambling age. 

Gambling Age in South Korea

South Korea has over 30 large casinos and it also has a vivid gambling life beyond the casinos in the form of gambling on horse racing and bingos. Bicycle racing is also popular as is the case in Japan from which Korea gets many of its gambling traditions. 

The gambling age in South Korea is set at 18. There are other restrictions as well since gambling in casinos is only legal in certain areas of the country. There are illegal casinos elsewhere but they obviously don’t have legal age.

Confirming Your Age Online 

The rules for gambling online are the same as those who gamble in a real-life casino depending on the country in which the casino is based. This includes the age restriction for when it’s legal to gamble. When you try to gamble online you’ll need to confirm that you’re of legal age. 

This is mostly done by sending the picture of an ID that will contain your age. Most casinos have a system put in place to make this confirmation fast and simple. However, you’ll still need to wait in some cases as long as a day, before you’re able to play.