How to Care For İmplant Teeth

dental implant

What Should We Pay Attention To After Implant?

The development of technology day by day offers very useful solutions for dental health, as dental implants provide great comfort as an alternative to traditional treatments with bridges and prosthetics. How is dental implant done? Dental implants are a very practical and useful treatment method for missing teeth. A titanium screw is placed in the jawbone. Next, the dental prosthesis is attached to the placed implants. The biggest advantage of dental implants, which acts as a tooth root, compared to other traditional methods is that they are performed without causing any damage to other adjacent teeth.

Here are some points that you can pay attention to after the transplant procedure:

● After the operation, you should not eat or drink for two hours. You can also avoid hot foods and drinks for the first week.

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● You can gently put a soft, sterile tampon to stop the bleeding, which is a very natural process after the operation.

● You should not brush the teeth and mouthwash at night after placing the implant.

● Alcohol and cigarettes should not be consumed for 48 hours after the operation, and it is recommended not to smoke until the operation area has completely healed.

● Do not touch the surgical area with any hard object.

● You should use the medicines recommended by your doctor regularly.

● It is recommended not to brush the floss area in the mouth for a week.

How to Care for Dental Implants?

Post-transplant care is very important in order to maintain the positive effects of the operation and avoid possible negative situations. Tampons placed for bleeding gums in the transplanted area should be bitten moderately. If there is no bleeding after an hour, you can discard the tampon. It is normal to see leaks 4-6 hours after the procedure. Swelling after implant treatments is one possible consequence of the operation. Intermittently applying cold to the operation area with an ice pack can relieve edema. The swelling gradually begins to decrease after 72 hours, but you can continue to use the painkillers recommended by your doctor for a while. Do not use any medication other than the prescription written by your doctor after the procedure. After the procedure, you can remove the stitches at the time recommended by your doctor. In long-term care, do not delay the cleaning of tartar and tartar. In addition to the teeth, caring for the tongue and palate is very important.

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Where should a dental implant be performed?

Various answers can be obtained to the frequently asked question about the cost of dental implants and where the operation should be performed. The price of the operation may vary depending on the characteristics of the person and the operation. At the same time, the implant used and the location where the operation is performed play an active role in the price as well. A very careful decision must be made about where to perform dental implants, given the sensitivity of the mouth and teeth, where it is recommended to choose a reliable center and doctor. Because, you will feel more comfortable choosing experienced points.

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You can find answers to all the questions on your mind at Healdone‘s specialist dentists, and then you can easily make your decision.