What Needs To Be Taken Into Consideration When Choosing Mushroom Farm Equipment?


Mushroom growing farm simply can’t function effectively without specialised equipment, including both small, but important devices and big, technologically advanced machines. As such, smart selection of the necessary equipment is crucial.

But what features and solutions need to be taken into consideration when making the choice? How to make sure that the selected equipment will turn out to be more than satisfactory? Keep reading to find out!

Mushroom picking trolleys

Mushroom picking trolleys are without a doubt one of the most important parts of the mushroom growing farm’s business process. Modern, high-quality trolleys ensure high picking efficiency, mostly due to such solutions as the automated movement of the platform and easy picking from the top and bottom shelves.

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Safety features, for example, the automatic stoppage system, are also very important. They minimize the risk of any workplace accidents, which leads to a smoother operation of the entire farm. All in all, good mushroom picking trolleys equal higher profits and happier, safer and significantly less workers.

Lamps for mushroom growing farms

Mushroom growing farms aren’t the easiest places to be for electronic devices, mostly due to high humidity. Therefore, it’s best to use lamps that were made with difficult conditions in mind. Selecting ones that meet the waterproofing requirement (IP68) saves the farm from having to constantly replace them.

Mushroom scales

The main thing that needs to be taken into consideration while choosing scales for a mushroom growing farm is the way they are powered. Battery-powered scales are a great choice. There’s no need to frequently charge them (and this way, there’s also no cable that could get damaged with use).

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All that has to be done is changing the batteries once in a while. This way, the worker’s time is saved, and the devices are much more durable and long-lasting.

Mushroom picking knives

Mushroom picking knives might be small (in comparison to big machines, such as mushroom picking trolleys), but they are certainly not insignificant in the operation of any mushroom growing farm.

That’s why it’s best to invest in good quality models, especially since they aren’t that much more expensive than less durable options. Good knives don’t get dull easily and will last for a long time.

Aluminium shelving

Shelving for mushroom growing farms needs to be stable, easy to assemble and hygienic. It’s a valuable piece of mushroom farm equipment that needs to be chosen carefully.

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Resistance to corrosion and the use of durable materials, which will guarantee long service life (and thus completely justifies the investment), is essential.

Choosing appropriate mushroom farm equipment is an extremely important part of running a successful mushroom growing farm. That’s why material quality, precision, use of modern solutions and durability, among other things, should always be prioritised. High-quality equipment can be easily purchased from trusted suppliers, such as GROWTIME, so it’s not hard to find.