Why Do We Need to Reduce PDF File Size?

reduce pdf file size

Ever since the technological revolution took over the world, we have seen how easy our lives have become. The letters and documents had to be sent through postal services, which used to take several days. But now, we can share whatever we want with whoever we want with a single click through emails. Things have also changed for businesses, as now every important file can be prepared on digital devices instead of manual paperwork. While looking into the best and most secured format to share confidential data with stakeholders, the name PDF comes at the top. Other word processing software programs like Word are also commonly used, but none of them can beat the power of PDF (Portable Document Format). 

From their universal nature to their encryption with passwords, PDFs stand out from their counterparts in every way. However, the file size of PDFs creates several issues for the users. Therefore, it becomes essential for them to reduce PDF size. The availability of an online PDF compressor resolves this worry for everyone, but if you want to know why there’s a need to reduce PDF size, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we will discuss the main reasons for reducing PDF file size. Read on this article till the end, as we will also highlight the best ways to compress PDF file. So let’s get started without any further ado!

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 Top Reasons to Reduce PDF File Size

Below we have mentioned the reasons to reduce PDF size.

Save Space

Have you ever come across a popup on your device that says you’re running out of storage? While having a lot of heavy-sized files stored on your device, this thing could become common, and you might have to buy expensive additional memory. You can avoid this expense by reducing the sizes of PDF files that consume ample space on your device. When your device is bulked up with several heavy-sized PDFs, its performance may get affected. Compressing PDF files could be a perfect option to avoid this nuisance.

Easy File Transmission

If you have tried to transfer PDFs through emails, you must know that there’s a restriction on the file size that can be transferred through them. For instance, Gmail allows users to share files of up to 25MB in size through a single email. If your PDFs are larger than the permitted size, you must compress them instead of splitting them or deleting essential content they contain. By reducing the size of PDFs, you can easily transfer files through emails without facing any hassle.

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Faster Access and Download

No doubt the web has revolutionized a lot in recent times. However, there are still some places around the globe where internet speed is a big issue. For accessing or downloading large-sized PDFs, several people might have to wait for an ample amount of time. The compression of PDF files can help you avoid this complexity, and you’ll be able to access and download them more quickly.

The Best Ways to Compress PDF Files

Here are discussed the best ways that can help you compress PDF file sizes.


DupliChecker’s name comes at the top when you’re looking forward to reducing PDF files size. This PDF compressor is capable to compress PDF online without affecting their quality. While using this tool, you can compress as many PDF files as you want without worrying about facing any restrictions. The PDF compressor offered by this platform is compatible with all kinds of devices. Hence, you don’t need to get a specific device for compressing PDFs through it. You just need to access this tool and upload the file you want to compress. Press the “compress PDF” button. Once you’re done doing it, you’ll get your hands on a compressed version of your PDF file in a matter of seconds.

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Another top-rated tool for compressing PDF files is available on SmallPDF. While using this tool, you don’t need to worry about cleaning space on your computer, as all the compression takes place in the cloud. You can trust this tool with confidential PDF files, as it guarantees security. When you upload your file on this tool for compression, it securely reduces its size and doesn’t store or share the information contained in them with any third party. Whether you are a Windows, Mac, or Linux user, this utility will work perfectly on your device and present you with outstanding results. Its easy-to-use interface won’t let you face any sort of trouble while compressing PDF files.

Final Words

Reducing PDF file size is important for web users in a number of ways. The reasons discussed above can help you understand why you need to compress PDF file. The availability of an online PDF compressor makes this job a piece of cake for everyone. Whenever you have to share a PDF file or want to save storage of your device, you must compress it through an online PDF compressor.