What for and How to Mine Diamonds in Minecraft


Diamonds are one of the most valuable and rare resources in the Minecraft game. In total, diamonds participate in 14 crafting items, of which tools and weapons are considered the most important. In this article we will understand what can be done from diamonds in Minecraft.

Craft player

If you want to listen to music, you definitely need to craft the player. At the moment, there are 12 records with music that can be found in the game. Of course, it is impossible to call it full-fledged music, but there will still be Minecraft-style melodies. To craft the player, you will need eight boards of any breed and one diamond. You can make a player with a workbench, for this the resources must be arranged as follows: diamond in the center and eight boards around.

Craft of the diamond block

The main material for the construction of the lighthouse is a diamond block, it is also used for decorative purposes, such as the effect of tiles. To craft a diamond block, you will need nine diamonds placed on a workbench.

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Craft diamond helmet

The diamond helmet is the most durable of all helmets made of other materials. Put the resources in this way:

Top row: three diamonds.

Middle row: two diamonds on the sides.

Diamond cuirass craft

To make a cuirass, you will need eight diamonds placed in all slots of the workbench, except for an empty space in the middle of the top row.

Craft diamond snipes

To create a snipe, you will need seven diamonds placed in a workbench in the shape of “n”.

Craft diamond shoe

Diamond boots require only four diamonds to craft. 

Craft of a diamond sword, axe, pickaxe, shovels and hoes

It’s no secret that tools and weapons made of diamond are the strongest of all. It is the diamond pickaxe that can get obsidian, which is so necessary to create a portal to hell. Also, their strength when used can withstand more than 1000 strokes. In general, gamesrift definitely recommends making tools and weapons from diamonds.

Craft of the enchantment table

To create magical effects on weapons, tools and armor, it is necessary to make a table of enchantments: four blocks of obsidian, two diamonds and one book.

Summing up

Now you know what you can do from diamonds in Minecraft. It is worth noting the fact that diamonds can be found quite rarely, and for their extraction it is sometimes necessary to dig hundreds of blocks in length and depth. 

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Diamonds in Minecraft can be used to make the strongest items, a table of enchantments and just beautiful things. But at the same time, this block is very difficult to find. The search for diamonds can take a very long time if you don’t know where to look.

Diamonds are extracted from diamond ore, which can be found in dungeons. The highest probability of detecting a vein is at level 12. And if you’re lucky, you can get 10 precious stones at a time. Often ore can be found right under the lava. That’s why it’s not recommended to dig right under you. Overflowing lava with a bucket into the lava dug up nearby.

For diamond mining, you will need:

  • diamond or iron pickaxe;
  • a lot of torches to illuminate dungeons;
  • sword or other weapon to defend against mobs;
  • stove, for ore melting.

It is more logical to put the stove near an already explored place to smelt the ore into diamonds without going far.

If you are too lazy to dig up caves yourself, you can find a ready-made one. Many of them are huge, and most likely there is diamond ore somewhere and not one. Do not forget about lava and mobs when hunting diamonds.

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Diamonds can be found in chests, fortresses, villages and very rarely they can be obtained like loot from a monster. Since this method is quite expensive, both in time and resources, it is not popular.

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In addition to searching, you can use cheats. For example, by downloading X-Ray, you can see deep into depth and find not only diamonds, but also other minerals. Please remember that cheating is forbidden on many servers and you may be banned.

You can get an endless source of diamonds. A reproducing station is required for that. But its construction will demand valuable materials and one diamond.

You will need:

  • build a portal to Nether;
  • put 9 blocks of, for instance, wood at both sides of the portal;
  • pour water into the resulting pool;
  • put two workbenches on the parapets;
  • get into the water and place a diamond block onto one of the workbenches;
  • near your construction you will see two diamond blocks.