5 Aches to be Healed by a software QA Expert

software qa

In a world full of digital solutions, the significance of quality assurance should be self-evident. There’s too much competition and no space for mistakes.

Sadly, not all companies are ready. Many organizations lack qualified QA personnel and tested procedures. Those developing solutions in a crisis also lack time and money yet want rapid, high-quality outcomes.

Even though everything seems to be alright, there may be underlying issues that demand immediate attention. Then software quality assurance consulting comes in.

In this post, we highlight the warning indications of quality assurance failure and what you anticipate from a software testing consultant in every case.

Poor product quality

Unexpected production errors and unpredictable software behavior may lead to major company challenges such as financial losses or reduced client retention.

These challenges serve as a wake-up call for corporations. Consider this: 48% of users abandon an app due to bad customer service. New client acquisition is 6-7X more costly than customer retention.

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Awkward quality is often the result of major difficulties in quality assurance systems, ranging from a flawed testing strategy or methodology to an unskilled QA staff.

Product release slowdown

Difficulty in the development cycle. That’s especially true in today’s competitive IT economy.

Like before, we’re dealing with the effect, not the cause. Among the causes for slow testing and hence slow software delivery are:

Inappropriate testing set of tools for project capabilities and needs; neglecting end-to-end tests and parallel testing; poor testing culture; lack of QA resources, etc.

Expensive QA tasks

Keeping project expenses low is the key to increasing income. QA and testing expenditures typically range from 25-40% of the project budget.

If your QA costs surpass these figures, you may have hidden concerns that need a professional opinion.

The causes vary, but most are exacerbated by testing at the incorrect time. For example, near the conclusion of a project, repairing faults becomes too costly and time consuming.

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Heavy QA engineer workload

This obstacle may suggest a lack of resources, expertise, or time constraint.

We’ve seen IT projects where developers did all the testing without a QA staff. In this situation, you risk squandering your engineers’ expertise by making their testers.

In certain cases, QA is handled by a small team of testers who are overwhelmed by the project scope or lack the necessary experience. We won’t even discuss projects where testers struggle to achieve timelines and test coverage expectations.

These are outstanding instances of bad behavior. It’s a slippery slope, since a heavy workload is usually the least of your future issues.

Insufficiency in professional speciality and full-stack testing

Some firms have tried-and-true internal quality assurance resources, but lack testing subject knowledge or novel methodologies.

You may recruit professionals, outsource, or train an internal workforce. Hiring missing expertise may frequently be costly for most firms. Remember that a worker’s pay is merely the beginning. Secondary expenditures may include the social package, recruitment and training fees, and the possibility of disputes with current workers.

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Tips for hiring a QA consultant software developer

QA consultancy is a gold mine for companies looking to enhance their products and gain market share. Testing and development processes must change to meet evolving business needs.

Here are a few additional circumstances when you could require software testing help:

  • adopting cutting-edge software development methods and techniques like test-driven development and continuous integration; 
  • rapid growth or company reorganization that necessitates completely new testing processes; 
  • issues in communication between QA and other development

Savarian.tech has been providing software test services for nearly a decade, helping scores of firms improve their testing skills and raise their ROI.

To make it happen, we examine current QA procedures, identify bottlenecks, devise new testing methodologies, and train your internal staff. Contact us if you need a dependable partner to enhance your QA operations.