Fun Things to Do in White Plains

White Plains

Nestled in the lively neighborhoods of Westchester County, White Plains is teeming with activity all round the clock. White Plains city is home to about one million people and a long list of tourist destinations. It’s also one of the best places you can go to for a vacation. This commercial hub is full of places to see and things to do. 

Traveling to White Plains sounds enticing, no doubt. But suppose you are not a US resident. In that case, you will need a visa esta usa authorization before you become eligible to travel to the United States on temporary business or vacation.

Let’s look at some of these White Plains retreats that you don’t want to miss out on for sure

Breakfast: White Plains NY 

First things first, filling breakfast or brunch is a great way to start your tour. The best part about eating out in White Plains is that you get the typical urban experience. You can grab a delicious bacon or sausage order from Townhouse Diner on 720 N Broadway. 

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Suppose you are in the mood for exploring. Head over to Little Drunken Chef on 91 Mamaroneck Avenue. You will find amusing specials like the Hakuna Frittata and Kiss My Hass Avocado! You might want to go for exotic dishes from India like the Chicken Tikka Masala and Keema Pao. 

Not in the mood for a standard breakfast menu? How about some snack items for brunch? You could start with a slice of pizza at TVB by Pax Romana at 171 East Post Road or Lilly’s at 169 Mamaroneck Ave. At Lilly’s, you can order the Morning Lilly Pizza; they top it with a poached egg to give you a breakfast touch! 

Beaches in White Plains, NY 

If you visit White Plains in the summer, you better pack your beach gear! This Hudson Valley location is full of beaches, lakes, and streams to splash around and escape the heat. 

Glen Island Park 

Perched on Glen Island, Glen Island Park boasts a perfect location along Long Island Sound. It is a great place to take a chilled-out vacation with your family. You can have fun boating or rest in a picnic pavilion. Connected to the city by a robust drawbridge, Glen Island Park is easy to access with adequate parking arrangements. 

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Hudson Park and Beach 

You will have a hard time getting your kids to say goodbye to Hudson Beach! You can stroll on the lush, grassy spread of the recreation area. Most importantly, with the playground and the swimming, your children will never be bored! The best way to enjoy this place is just lying down on a rug, digging your feet in the sand, and forgetting all your worries. 

Other beach locations include Harbor Island Park on Boston Road, Rye Town Park, and Beach in New Rochelle, and more. 

White Plains Performing Arts Center 

Sitting in the bustling downtown White Plains is a state-of-the-art professional theatre, the White Plains Performing Arts Center. This center provides a popular platform for performing arts professionals like dancers, musicians, theatrical performers, stand-up comics, and more. WPPAC also serves as a prime venue for special community events involving local arts and educational organizations. 

You can expect to have a wonderful time watching a live musical performance or theatrical production in this cozy theatre. Your tour is never really complete without this golden chance to meet such talented artists! It is easy to find tickets on the website, and plenty of parking space around the venue. 

Moreover, WPPAC operates a Summer Theatre Academy, a dynamic training program for young aspirants. Their educational efforts find expression in the Young Professional Company and Junior Company. 

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Bars in White Plains 

After a long day of sightseeing around the city, anyone would want to hit a bar and get a little tipsy in the evening. White Plains city is spotted with great places to mingle with people along with a drink. 

If you’re around 213 East Post Road, you could check out Alex Lounge, Bar, and Grill. Their menu sports a collection of more than 190 tequilas and several premium quality spirits and liquors. If you happen to walk in with a growling stomach, go ahead and feast on the T-bone steak. 

It is amusing to find The Blind Pig and The Brazen Fox among your Google Maps search results! Special cocktails and Irish coffees are the forte of The Blind Pig of Westchester on 174 Martine Avenue. 

Further along 175 Mamaroneck Avenue, you can find The Brazen Fox, a shiny little craft beer bar. If you are looking forward to the finer experience of wine tasting, Grapes the Wine Company awaits you on 731 N Broadway. 
Don’t forget to get your ESTA before you travel. Remember to apply early, as it could take you up to 72 hours. You can access the ESTA website to check your ESTA USA status anytime!

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