Custom Software Development: When is it in Demand?

custom software development

In the modern competitive environment, stereotypes about efficient production have been steadily formed in those companies that use automation of production processes and modern technologies. Of course, the company can hire developers in its staff. However, maintaining a full-time team of IT employees involves significant costs. For representatives of medium-sized businesses, it is more profitable to use the services of an outsourcing team than to maintain a staff for small needs. Outsourcing software development by Digitalsuits will help you solve a range of business problems.

Ordering software from third-party contractors is the most profitable format of cooperation for the customer. Companies with a small budget can attract contractors for a specific project and pay for services after the startup is fully implemented. This reduces the cost and simplification of software production, and makes the application development service available to the average business representatives.

Small companies that simply do not have the opportunity to maintain a staff of developers can afford to order software development. What are the benefits and features of custom software?

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Advantage of custom software

Software applications are gradually replacing their closest competitors: desktop applications. Easy installation, integration with any devices, minimal requirements and, most importantly, high performance. The modern consumer has a huge range of standard modules of mobile applications. All of them, one way or another, cover the specific needs of a specific target audience. At the same time, custom-made, individual software is not even going to retire. The reason is the growth of unique needs that standard software simply cannot satisfy.

Also, custom software remains an unshakable priority for a number of consumer and specific niches: most of the banking sector, state-owned companies, law enforcement and military departments, security companies, aviation, security systems, astronautics and a number of other departments where it is not always possible to use standard platforms. You can learn more about them in this article:

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This is due to security requirements. For this sector, safety remains a top priority, while mass-market products may not always provide good protection.

Developing a program from scratch has Several Advantages

  • Custom development is not “fettered” by the requirements of the platform, “engine”, the terms of the service with which software is created. This is a product with a “zero” start, with a high degree of individuality and uniqueness.
  • Custom software takes into account absolutely all the needs of the client. Here you can reduce to zero the limitations that are possible when using a mass product.
  • The finished program, which is created from scratch, goes through all stages of production: analysis, development, testing, official release, technical support. This is no place for stripped-down, limited editions that come at a discount.
  • Professional approach. For software development, a professional team of developers is selected, as a result, the customer receives a high-quality, proven product.
  • Functionality, taking into account the specifics of the client’s business to increase competitiveness.
  • Wide opportunities for integration with other company resources.
  • Custom software may match the customer’s unique selling proposition.
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As an alternative to custom software, there may be an upgraded version of the mass product to meet the needs of the client, but in this case, the customer will have to make a lot of effort and money.

Disadvantages of Custom Software

The main disadvantage of developing software from scratch is the high cost. Large companies, corporations, IT giants can afford copyright programs. Also, the development of custom software is characterized by long periods and requires the maximum participation of the customer. The thing is that they order individual software in cases where there is simply no solution on the market that can solve the business task. In this case, a lot of additional information and recommendations are required from the client in order for the product to meet the customer’s expectations.