Cryptocurrency: Quick Tour. Bitcoin and Tron (TRX)


Modern problems require modern solutions. A well-known phrase referring to our world. The Internet has absolutely changed our habits, our communication and even our money. People talk about some cryptocurrencies and so on. Until now, many have not figured out this issue, so today we will try to convey the essence of cryptocurrency and talk about several types.

BCH: Meaning

Most likely, even if you do not understand cryptocurrency, you have heard the word Bitcoin. Maybe you even know that this is a new kind of currency on the Internet. But let’s stop guessing and take a closer look at this innovative form of money.

Bitcoin could be a cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) could be a cryptocurrency that has the majority of the identical characteristics as Bitcoin, but also consists of some changes to enhance it. It’s believed that Bitcoin Cash more accurately fits the first description of Internet money, which was created in 2008.

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Bitcoin Cash: why is it being used?

The fact is that BCH is an extremely favorable means for long-term cash storage. People are using this cryptocurrency to get more monetary freedom. Moreover, the world economy with such electronic money goes to a completely different new level.

Here are some of the main functions that this cryptocurrency performs:

  • accessibility for everyone due to the alias system;
  • transparent and clear;
  • persistence of information due to dissemination;
  • rules-based, immutable;
  • secure
  • low fees

BCH: Exchange system

So, BCH provides peer-to-peer payments in the digital world. That is, the actions that individuals perform in the real world are identical with the electronic version.

This is a convenient system, since you can exchange Bitcoins from anywhere in the world very quickly. Thus, the benefits of electronic money are great, because with the help of them it is possible to make purchases of various sizes. Bitcoin fees are often less than one cent per payment.

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What is Tron and TRX?

Tron is a well-known operating system that, like Bitcoin, is based on the blockchain. With its help, it is really possible to create applications, and also share various media content. There is a TRX token based on the Tron protocol. It is created to use additional features in this operating system. Moreover, the token is a good store of value, which is why it is also often called a cryptocurrency.

Now this savings option is noticeably gaining popularity. Let’s look at the main advantages of TRX to see the benefits of this tool:

  • The goal is to develop the entertainment industry: video host, platforms, online publications, online casinos, etc.
  • The idea is to create a decentralized application (for entertainment purposes) for monetization.
  • TRON development team is professional and experienced.
  • Ability to process a lot more transactions. Opportunities are growing and developing. 
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It is possible to get these same trx coins using TRX mining. There are several ways to get these coins, so you just have to choose the most suitable one: the Etlash algorithm, CryptoNite or another.

3 Advantages to use Tron

  1. Tron cares about the convenience of its customers, so it pays attention to bandwidth and scalability.
  1. Tron is growing and developing, so in order to increase the user base of the Blockchain network, this operating system bought BitTorrent.
  1. Most of today’s apps are built with Tron, so it’s a great option these days.

TRX is a newer and more interesting savings option. If you want to switch to it completely or try to use it for a while, then you can make a BCH to TRX exchange or register there initially absolutely free and anonymously!