Sports Betting in India: Everything You Need to Know

Sports Betting

India is one of the countries with the highest number of sports fans in the world. This is due to their large population and their special love for cricket. Perhaps the greatest number of cricket bets worldwide are wagered on the Indian Premier League.

As a result of its high sports appeal, India has a booming sports betting community. Ironically, the Indian federal government bans sports gambling in the jurisdiction, with the only exception being horse race betting. However, while the federal laws restrict it, the power to legalize sports betting rests with individual states.

Also, while an operator can not establish an online sport betting business in India, residents are not banned from gambling on sports online. Many offshore sites accept bets from Indian players and even feature personalized Indian payment methods and bonuses. For instance, if you bet on mlb, you will be able to enjoy these features and more like large cricket betting options.


Laws Relating to Sports Betting in India

Sports betting in India is subject to two known acts, namely the Public Gambling Act of 1867 and the Technology Act of 2000. Under these Acts, sports betting is considered illegal, but each state has the right to establish its own sports betting laws.

It is essential to note that although the Public Gambling Act of India prohibits all kinds of gambling, there is no specific Indian law that considers online sports gambling illegal – as opposed to the United States, where they have the American Internet Gambling Act. Top betting companies like BetUS are taking advantage of this chance to offer top-notch betting services to Indians.

Offshore Sites Come to the Rescue

Since the laws of India consider any form of gambling illegal, no company in India is allowed to run a betting agency. Those who do it either adhere strictly to the laws of each state, or they run the betting platforms underground (illegally). The clamp-down on the betting community has not made betting easy for Indian gamblers, so many are forced to do it under the radar.

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Fortunately, however, offshore sites have made the dreams of Indian gamblers a reality. Now they can safely bet on these online platforms without worrying about the risk of paying fines or being jailed. Offshore betting companies allow gamblers to bet on any sport they want – from ping-pong to Kabaddi and football to cricket. In addition, these international betting platforms allow Indian bettors to place bets in Indian currency.

Many offshore betting sites that offer services to  Indians are considered legal because they are licensed in their headquarters jurisdictions like the Virgin Islands, Malta, and Curacao. They can also run their businesses in India as long as they follow the Foreign Exchange Management Acts rules, which require them to deal in the Indian currency (Rupee).

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BetUS is one of the best sports betting sites in India. Besides offering the chances to bet on cricket and other sports, Parimatch also accepts wagers on virtual games, slots, and online casinos. With its live betting feature, you will be able to bet on a match on the site even after it has started. Bettors will also be able to deposit or withdraw using cryptocurrencies. Other exclusive features include loyalty, contests, and BetUS TV.

How to Bet on Sports in India 

The first thing you need to do is to select a bookmaker. You will find several options; go for top-notch sites with various rewarding features. After choosing a site, visit it and create an account. After signing up, make a deposit using any of the payment methods available on the site. Now that you have funded your account, you can start wagering.