PDFBear: 5 Time Management Tools to Manage Computer Files


Handling PDF documents without the right amount of tools at your disposal can be challenging since various processes you have to do to make them usable. However, opening and accessing PDF documents aren’t a problem if the devices you’re using can maintain the digital textual document’s original content.

However, for those who have to transfer PDFs from one device to another, it can pose a problem instantaneously, given that not all devices and browsers work the same. The main problem that people face when handling PDFs is viewing them while editing, sharing, and printing.

PDFBear is an online tool that consists of various features such as converting, merging, compressing, splitting, repairing, and other editing tools for PDF documents. What makes PDFBear unique from other online tools is the availability of its features that you can access for free. Thus, here are the five benefits of using PDFBear to manage PDFs promptly.

Unlock and Protect Your PDFs Easily

It isn’t delightful if you have encrypted files that you need to use on the go because it might consume your time unlocking them. If you wish to remove this hassle in your life, PDFBear is here to offer its Unlock and Protect PDF function. These tools are perfect for protecting your files because people might hack them or extract any vital information.

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If you wish to unlock password protected PDF documents, there are four steps that you need to follow carefully. First, users need to choose and upload the files into the unlock PDF bar of the website. Next is that you need to place the password of the file. If you’re done with that, start the process by clicking “Unlock PDF.” PDFBear will be decrypting your file, and you can already use it in a while.

Encrypting or protecting your PDFs is also easy to do. The first step you need to perform is uploading any PDF document. Then, add the password that you like and wait for PDFBear to finish encrypting your file. After your file is already protected with a password, start downloading it to your desktop. This process is essential to avoid unwanted people getting their hands on any critical data of yours.

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PDF Reader

PDFBear’s pdf reader provides you the quickest way to preview your PDF documents and manage capabilities such as editing, printing, and sharing with only a few clicks. What makes their PDF reader reliable is that it provides you a safe environment while transferring your files due to their SSL encryption.

If your goal is to make the process of transferring documents as timely as possible, you can access the PDF reader in any browser and on any device. With that in mind, PDFBear provides you with the best quality of work to ensure that you maintain your PDF document’s content when using their PDF reader.

Efficient Combining and Merging

PDFBear’s merging tool provides you the easiest and quickest way to combine and merge PDF documents due to their straightforward instructions. Aside from that, it’ll only take you a few clicks from uploading the PDF files, modifying the necessary content, and combining before you can download the final output.

Apart from saving a lot of time when merging documents, you can also save a lot of money since it’ll cost you almost nothing to utilize the merging tool of PDFBear.

Instant PDF Compression

Compressing PDF is a vital process of handling documents since people tend to manage multiple copies of data, reports, and illustrations. By compressing a PDF with PDFBear, you can combine various PDF contents to reduce the file’s size without compromising quality significantly.

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Access Your Files On-the-Go

PDFBear has a unique cloud system where you can access your uploaded files anytime and anywhere. By creating an account on their website and purchasing the pro membership, you can save all the PDF files you used with their tools to make sure you save storage space.

Moreover, PDFBear’s cloud technology on their site makes sure that no one can access your files but you. Their 256-bit encryption technology ensures no leakage of information, especially if you’re handling important work documents. You can upload, convert, download, share, and save your files with ease with that in mind.


Time management is an essential process that can be challenging to follow if you don’t have the right set of tools to organize and plan your PDF documents. PDFBear ensures that you can overcome these challenges by providing high-quality tools with unique features, even if you don’t purchase their pro membership.

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