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Experience the aurora borealis in your backyard with the Northern Lights seeds feminized version. Deemed a ‘legend’ by High Times judges, Northern Lights is a force to be reckoned with. This pure Indica-dominant strain won the High Times Cannabis Cup in the ’90s and has been scoring trophies since. 

Read on as we unpack this superstar strains origins, effects, and aromatics. We’ll also give you some handy growing tips, methods for germinating and shout out one of our favourite places to buy cannabis seeds. Let’s get into it!

What are Northern Lights feminized seeds

Northern Lights is one of the most awarded marijuana strains. This classic Indica dominant beauty is famous worldwide for its psychoactive effects and pulsating buzz. If you grow Northern Lights seeds that are feminized, you’ll easily sprout this renowned strain without worrying about removing males. Feminized cannabis seeds are a first-choice for growers of all levels because you’re guaranteed all bud-bearing beauties.

Originating from Afghani and Thai genes makes it a stable strain to work with—ideal for beginners. Growing Northern Lights feminized seeds is as relaxing as the effects of smoking it. It’s resistant to common pests, thrives in any grow medium, and rewards you with a bounty of glistening buds.  A THC content between 14–17% may fool some, but those who’ve tried this strain call it the ‘two-hit and quit.’ It boasts potent Indica effects providing instant relaxation while rendering you devoid of any negatives. 

The buds from Northern Lights seeds feminized are a magical sight leaving you in total awe of the vitreous coating—resembling a precious crystal. Hues of deep olive green and slithers of purple ship you out to the Northern forests with the aurora dancing before your eyes.  Reaching 5 feet, Northern Lights feminized seeds become medium height plants conveniently fitting any room you choose. Easy growing, a generous harvest, a stable high for beginners and advanced users, plus a delicious taste, it ticks all the boxes. 

If you want to learn more about the strain, you don’t have to look far. Northern Lights seeds feminized give you access to growing one of the top ten most awarded marijuana strains in your backyard. 

Effects of Northern Lights feminized

Bring the galaxy to your living room with Northern Lights feminized seeds from the USA. This celebrity strain brings the aurora borealis to you with its unique psychoactive effects, increasing vibrancy in standard settings. 

Many users report seeing a hazy angelic glow over everything they look at. Even a trip to the beach makes the ocean shimmer like diamond waves when you’ve got Northern Lights.  For such average THC levels of around 14-17%, you won’t expect the body-trembling, mind-blowing high from this strain. You can feel the Thai Sativa hints with the initial cerebral buzz sending jolts of electricity to spark up your mood. This initial blizzard of energy evokes the creative parts of your mind, sending you into fits of giggles and intellectual conversation. Mild stimulating effects make it an excellent hanging-with-friends toke.  

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Northern Lights feminized seeds grow Indica dominant buds with typically expected effects, so the burst of Sativa energy doesn’t last long. After a while, warm waves caress you with feather light buzzing from head to toe. Many people are in awe of this heavenly high with its ability to relax every muscle in your body. It feels so good you’ll be forced to relinquish power and give in to the inevitable couch-lock. What’s truly remarkable about Northern Lights seeds feminized nugs is that they completely tranquillize your body but keep your mind more focussed than ever. Perfect time to watch Sherlock Holmes and see if you can crack the case first.

The intense relaxation could become overwhelming if you smoke too much—even experienced smokers can get an instant ticket to dreamland. Don’t worry because if you overdo it, you’ll fall asleep—not just any sleep: the best sleep ever! A popular choice for night owls trying to relax their minds, Northern Lights seeds feminized seeds grow one of the best evening-use strains. It gives you the right amount of energy to watch a movie before bed, then drifts you off to heavenly bliss. It’s rare to experience negative side effects unless you consider a restful sleep as unwanted. We’re pretty sure Northern Lights is the strain the hippies smoked to embody the phrase ‘positive vibes only.’ 

Flavors of Northern Lights feminized

Have you ever tasted something that immediately transcends you into a state of happiness? Northern Lights flavour is like smokable comfort food.

Northern Lights seeds feminized grow into delicious buds with a sweet, citrusy flavour. They’re suitable for all palates, making them a tasty toke for beginners and connoisseurs alike. There aren’t any exotic aromatics which many expect from such a mysterious strain. When the first puff of smoke hits your nose, the goodness of dank weed lets you know it’s going to be a good high. That rich ganja scent from the Northern Lights feminized seeds buds is super nostalgic for cannabis lovers, instantly taking you back to happy times. 

On the inhale, earthy, skunk, and piney flavours comfort your tongue like a hug from a tree. The refreshing taste takes your tastebuds on a trip through the forest. If you hold in the smoke for a few seconds, the forest fairies come out to play—sweet, candy aromatics burst in your mouth. 

Northern Lights feminized seeds from the USA grow into terpene-rich buds with up to 11 aromatic compounds present. Myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, and limonene are the dominant ones giving this cultivar its sweet, skunk, and citrus essence. 

How to Germinate Northern Lights feminized seeds

Germinating is a crucial step for all plants. Northern Lights seeds feminized will need to be germinated before planting. There are numerous techniques. Two of the most popular methods are: 

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The paper towel method is well-known, and most professional cannabis growers recommend it. This one is simple, effective, and helpful for mediums like hydro, where you can’t plant directly. 


  • Two paper towels 
  • A plate large enough to fit the seeds lying flat 
  • Water 


  1. Gently dampen the two paper towels—ensure they’re not too wet. 
  2. Put one on the plate. 
  3. Evenly space the seeds onto the paper towel.
  4. Cover the seeds with the remaining damp towel.
  5. Keep the covered plate with seeds in a warm dark place. 
  6. Routinely ensure no excess water collects on the plate. 
  7. Taproots appear in 1-5 days. 

If you’re growing Northern Lights seeds feminized in soil, then planting directly is a convenient option. You won’t experience the risky process of moving them to their most vulnerable state. 


  • Pots 
  • Good-quality soil
  • Spray bottle 
  • Fluorescent lamp or sunlight 
  • Water 


  1. Soak the soil in water and fill the pots 
  2. Make a hole around 10-15 mm deep. 
  3. Put the seeds into the holes and lightly cover them with soil.
  4. Routinely spray the top of the soil with water to keep it hydrated. 
  5. Place the pots under fluorescent lamps or sunlight until shoots appear.  

More on Northern Lights feminized seeds

Northern Lights feminized seeds are the embodiment of Indica when it comes to growing. This cultivar boasts the temperature tolerance of an Afghani and the hardiness of a Thai strain.  Northern Lights seeds feminized grow into short to medium height plants thriving in most places. However, they do prefer humid, warm climates. Excessive rain subjects them to developing mould, but it’s rare for this strong herb. When growing outdoors, watch out for excess moisture and prepare for rain by ensuring adequate ventilation. If you live somewhere with sudden heavy rainfall, have a plan B to move/ shelter flora.

Due to their Afghani genes, Northern Lights seeds feminized love lots of sunlight and tolerate extremely dry conditions for short periods. If you grow outdoors, expect a yield of around 32 oz per plant—insanely generous plants. Indoors aim for humidity around 50% and temperatures between 70–80°F. As long as you keep the temperature from turning extreme, you should get around 18 oz per m2.  

With just a little TLC, you’ll have a huge harvest in no time. Once planted, Northern Lights feminized seeds flower in 6-8 weeks. Experienced growers say hydro works to speed up the process, allowing Northern Lights to bloom at six weeks. You don’t have to do much to maintain this herb. Occasional pruning of extra foliage prevents excess moisture from forming and gives buds room to expand.

Northern Lights feminized seeds benefit from low-stress training like most strains. Their thick colas may become fluffy, preventing light from being equally distributed. The Sea of Green (SOG) method paired with occasional pruning helps maximize lighting creating bigger, juicer buds.

This low-maintenance strain is the perfect match for beginners wanting a top-shelf cultivar with qualities to show off. The Northern Lights feminized seeds become plants with sturdy colas adorned in dense, shiny buds. Its shape resembles an evergreen tree with one large stalk connecting four or five branches holding resin-coated nugs. Playful purples and sky blue splatter the green buds, adding a whimsical feel and high bag quality.  

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Genetics of Northern Lights feminized seeds

Northern Lights feminized seeds have an almost fairytale-like origin. It all starts with a mysterious man known as ‘The Indian’ who bred 11 plants named Northern Lights #1–11. He was a meticulous grower who kept only the best cannabis plants. The mystery man narrowed down his 11 plants to two that produced the best buds and yields. It’s believed his cannabis plot was on an island near Seattle, while others think ‘the Indian’ may have received the Northern Lights seeds feminized from growers in California. 

Nevil Schoenmakers, aka the ‘King of Cannabis’ who founded the first weed seed bank in the Netherlands, discovered the strain during one of his US visits. He took some Northern Lights feminized seeds from the USA back home, where he grew and sold them as a pure Afghani inbred indica. From the minute it hit the shelves, it flew off. Schoenmakers mixed the Northern Lights seeds feminized strain with a Thai sativa forming the perfect blend that raked in awards globally. Afghani cultivars are known for their hardy nature and have a potent indica effect giving a deep relaxing high. Thai landraces tolerate high temperatures well and have an uplifting sativa buzz. Combining these two powerhouse strains makes Northern Lights a dynamic cultivar forming the backbone for many modern strains. 

Where to buy Northern Lights feminized seeds 

By now, you’re probably researching the best place to buy Northern Lights feminized seeds. You likely have two legal options: 

  • Buy from a dispensary/recreation outlet 
  • Buy online 

Dispensaries are great because you get to see the product before purchasing and share some banter with in-store weed specialists. The downside is a famous strain like Northern Lights may be difficult to get at a reasonable price. Another bummer about purchasing from brick-and-mortar dispensaries is they might request a license or medicinal card before buying. 

Purchasing online is convenient, typically more affordable, discreet, and offers a wider range, including VIP seeds like Northern Lights seeds feminized. 

Finding a trustworthy online store for cannabis seeds is tricky. A good place to look is Homegrown Cannabis Co, an all-American company stocking the best quality seeds with stable genetics. It also has offers like BOGO’S for various strains. 

With Northern Lights, you’ll touch the sky

Northern Lights let you see the world through cannabis-colored glasses. A few tokes of this strain adds vibrancy to your surroundings and makes you happier than a pig in mud. Be sure the Northern Lights seeds are feminized to make it even easier if you’re ready to grow. 

The most important tip is to shop from a reputable store like Homegrown Cannabis Co. Until then, make like the aurora borealis and live a colorful life with Northern Lights by your side. 

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