How to Make a Perfect Boys Haircuts

Boys Haircuts

The good thing about boys haircuts is that you do not require a professional barber to do it as you can do it at home. The haircut that you choose for a young boy is usually dependent on the size of the hair, the texture, and the age of the boy. Trimming a boy’s hair does not require a perfectionist as you can always make a fade on the messed area.

All haircuts are favorable for young boys as they could even rock a fade on the whole head and still look good. Before you start cutting the boy’s hair, you can consider the hairstyle that the boy prefers. The following are the steps to follow when styling your boys haircuts.


Collect all the items that you will require in the shaving process of your boys haircuts. Get a clipper, a pair of scissors, a razor, comb, shampoo, conditioner, an old t-shirt, and a moisturizer. Place old newspapers on the floor where you will be working so that cleaning the area can be easy. Find something that will act as a distraction to the child during the shaving process.


Clean The Hair

Before you begin to shave, thoroughly wash the hair to remove any products that could make the shaving hard. Creasing the hair to its natural start ensures that any used products that could alter with the shaving process are removed.

Pay attention to the child’s scalp for any scars or injuries. This is important as it gives you knowledge on what areas you will need to be extra careful when shaving.


Sit your child in an upright position on a comfortable chair. Avoid slippery areas as they could cause you to mess up when shaving your boys haircuts. Give the child the tool that you are using as a distraction like a book or a phone. You may want to do the shaving during your free time as it may take more time than you expected.

Start Shaving

Cover the child using the old t-shirt on the shoulder area around the neck. Adjust the blades on the clipper according to the length of hair that you require. If the hair is too long, you can use a pair of scissors to trim it before you can start using the clipper.

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Oil the clipper before you begin to shave. Start from the back of the head towards the top making even circular movements with the clipper. If you are intending to keep the hair at the top longer than the hair at the back and sides, you can switch the blades such that you use a smaller one for the back and a larger one for the top of the head.

However, if you intend to maintain the length of the hair even on the entire head, then you can use the same blade throughout. Ensure that you clean the clipper using a soft brush after every few shaving rounds.

When shaving the front of the head, make sure that you shave from the front towards the back against the hair grain. This ensures that you do not miss spots or hairs that are laid down. If you find a sport that has circled hair, you will need to move the clipper in the direction in which the hair has grown.

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If you made a fade with the hair at the back of the head, use the razor to make a clear fade line that will separate the two hair lengths. The line helps to highlight the boys haircuts better.

Clean Up

After you have achieved the boys haircut that you needed, it is time to clean up. Carefully remove the t-shirt from the child’s neck without spilling hairs all over. Lift the old newspapers from the floor and wrap them up for easy disposal.

Wash the child’s head with shampoo and moisturizer to remove loose hairs that could have been left. You can use a soft brush to remove any dirt that could have stuck on the scalp.

Styling boys haircuts is easy and shouldn’t take you a lot of time.