5 Tips to Score good marks in JEE Main Examination

jee main

JEE Main or the Joint Entrance Examination is undoubtedly the most tenacious exam for securing admission to various IITs, NITs and other engineering colleges. It is the preliminary examination that should be qualified to attempt the JEE Advanced for admission to IITs. Over the years, the competition has increased tremendously among the aspirants belonging to the Unreserved categories. They have to reach that extra mile, work rigorously throughout the preparation and aim for a colossal result in the exam to secure admission to their dream institution. Due to the different relaxations offered under the reservation policy concerning the allocation of seats among the aspirants, the competition has become severely cut-throat. 

So, scoring good marks in JEE main is not an option, rather a necessity, if you have to seek admission in any of the flagship institutions offering engineering courses. Keeping the amount of hard work and determination in mind, aspirants start preparation for this examination way ahead of time ( in Class 11th itself). Managing the JEE preparation and Board exam preparation in Class 12 synchronously is easier said than done. But, nothing is impossible if you have the sheer will and courage to face each deadlock rationally. If you are an aspirant for JEE Main 2022, this article will help you in a comprehensive preparation for this exam. 

Preparation Tips for JEE Main

JEE is not just a test of your knowledge about the concepts mentioned in the syllabus. There is much more to JEE than what meets the eye. The exam inspects your mental strength and your capacity to work consistently under tedious situations. You will find the most tips for JEE Main preparation. You should follow these to enhance the quality of your preparation for JEE Main:

  • Proceed with a clear intent and mindset. Since JEE Main will be the first national-level competitive exam for a majority of aspirants, it is important to prepare with a clear mentality. You must intend to complete the syllabus comprehensively within a stipulated period. Since technical subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics constitute the syllabus for this exam, it is essential to allocate the time for each subject. You should maintain a balance between the theoretical portion and the calculations in each subject.
  • Strategize and cover the Challenging topics extensively. You must study the basic concepts deliberately to gain conceptual clarity. Prepare a strategy to study the burdensome portions simultaneously. You cannot overlook the importance of NCERT textbooks in gaining clarity of the basic concepts. Read the NCERTs rigorously and also attempt the exercises provided at the back of each chapter. It is essential to read and note down the necessary points accordingly. Personalized notes will not only promote a better understanding of the concepts, but they will also come in handy during revision. The significant points that should be kept in mind while attempting the questions will be available in the notes. Preparing Notes is thus really crucial during preparation for any competitive exam.
  • Attempt the Previous year questions and the Sample papers routinely. You must develop a habit of going through and solving the previous year questions as well as the sample papers. Check out the JEE Main Previous Year Papers here. You can notice the trend of questions and the difficulty level of those questions that you should be prepared for. Moreover, you can easily highlight your shortcomings and the areas of improvement. It will be more feasible to improve upon the weak areas if you have sufficient time in hand. Solving the sample papers within the first two weeks of your preparation can easily showcase the status of your conceptual clarity. You can track the progress systematically as you solve more and more sample papers.
  • Employ credible sources of information for your preparation. It is needless to refer to very advanced books and reading material as the whole process of preparation will become more hectic and time-consuming. Focus on covering the basics primarily from the NCERTs and use other reference books to practice questions. Prepare with the approach of prioritizing the quality of resources instead of their quantity. As you practice more and more questions, highlight your mistakes and dedicate the necessary time and effort to understand those mistakes and minimize them. A lot of aspirants don’t focus on curtailing their repetitive errors that diminish their expected percentile drastically. With a plentiful amount of practice, hard work and dedication, you can easily dodge the silly mistakes and eventually score good marks in the exam.
  • Don’t skip the Mock Tests!!  It is seen that many aspirants try to brush up their preparation and evade giving the mock tests. You cannot afford to neglect this crucial step, because mocks will be the only source that will highlight the actual level of your knowledge. You’ll have to attempt the mock tests at the final stage of your preparation. It is essential to note that you may not perform well in the mocks. But don’t panic because mocks are generally set up at a far more challenging level than the actual examination to trigger your level of understanding and application of the fundamental concepts to solve the questions. Don’t feel disheartened at your low mock scores because improving upon them and averting the mistakes in the actual exam is the primary concern of attempting mocks. Merely completing the tests is not enough but you also need to critically analyze the mistakes you’ve committed and the level of your understanding. A critical evaluation along with practice will help you clear this exam with flying colours. 
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These were the most accurate preparation tips that the aspirants should follow to escalate their chances of scoring good marks in JEE Main and making their dream of securing a seat in the premium engineering institution come true. A lot of effort and perseverance is required to crack any competitive exam. You must continue your preparation with an honest and optimistic outlook and dodge all the negative factors. Such interfering factors act as hindrances in the level of your focus and concentration. Be ready to work hard. You’ll emerge victorious for sure!! 

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