10 Essential Tips for class 7 Olympiad Exam Preparation

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Olympiads are incredibly important competitive tests that are held all over the world every year in a variety of subjects. Olympiads cover a wide range of subjects. They are significant for the simple reason that they are extremely valued. You will have the opportunity to participate on a national or international stage. It is also extremely beneficial if you are applying to colleges or universities outside of your home country. It makes your application more noticeable. Regardless of the basic grades that one receives in school, it is necessary to participate in extracurricular activities, and Olympiads are a fantastic method to boost your extracurricular activities. 

Before taking an Olympiad exam, it’s important to understand a few important pointers. In this article, we will offer you the ten most crucial suggestions to consider before preparing for any Olympiad exam.

Which Olympiads to participate in

As an individual, no one knows your strengths and weaknesses better than you do when it comes to choosing which Olympiads to participate in. Select the subjects that interest you the most. Choosing the subjects will assist you in preparing for the Olympiad in the months ahead. You are aware of which subjects demand more practice and which subjects require less work.

Get to know your syllabus beforehand

Learning how grades are allocated and what the course curriculum is for each subject should be the following steps. Make a list of your positive and bad characteristics, as well as those you think you could improve. You will be able to concentrate on a single part of the problem at a time in this manner. You’ll be able to tell which tasks necessitate the most concentration and practice, and which ones don’t. Don’t forget to verify the importance of each subject’s topic and the number of marks assigned to each subject’s topic. This will give you a broad idea of what the important aspects of the Olympiads are and practice them better. 


Get started on your preparations as soon as you are able

Do not wait until the last minute. Begin preparing for each subject as soon as you are able, preferably as soon as you learn about the course’s curriculum. It will relieve some of the burdens and give you plenty of time to revise and prepare for mock tests. It is not advisable to wait around till the last moment if you want to score a good rank. 

Be thorough

Make sure your concepts are very clear. Concentrate on developing the fundamentals of each issue in each subject. Some of the questions can be difficult to answer, and instead of memorizing the syllabus, you should focus on understanding the fundamentals so that even if the question is somewhat distorted, you can still find a solution.

Make a timetable and divide your time accordingly

When you have to balance schoolwork, tutoring, and the stress of preparing for an Olympiad, it can be exhausting. You’ll need time to study on your own, to finish your homework and tuition assignments, and then there’s the added stress of getting ready for an Olympiad. It may appear aimless at times, but if you have a well-planned itinerary, it will not be as stressful or meaningless. A timetable can help you divide your time so that you can dedicate enough time to each subject while still having enough time for leisure activities and personal interests. A schedule will assist you in allocating your time effectively so that you can focus on important topics. It will even help you focus on your weak points in any subject. 

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Understand the format of the Olympiad examinations

Olympiads are multiple-choice questions (MCQs), which can be difficult for school kids who are accustomed to receiving subjective papers in their exams. In their excitement, pupils are prone to marking the erroneous box even though they know the correct answer or taking the examination too lightly. It is critical for the student to remain alert and focused during the assessment process. Don’t spend an excessive amount of time on one particular question. Recheck once you think you are done with all the questions. 


Once you are finished studying the syllabus, put in as many hours as you possibly can. Take a look at the workbooks you’ll be given for each Olympiad exam you take. The most important thing is to practice. You can even use the IMO Class 7th Previous years’ papers along with answers. Schedule weekly mock tests and grade yourself to determine where you are about your peers. This does not imply that you should be discouraged if you do not perform well. Keep in mind that consistency is essential. Maintain consistency and rigidity in your timetables and practice hours, and you will succeed. 

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Ask your doubts

You should constantly seek clarification from your school or tuition teacher whenever you have any doubts while preparing for the Olympiad. Instead of memorizing the solutions, strive to have a better understanding of the solutions themselves. Do not be afraid to speak up. Make sure to ask all of your questions as many times as you need to clear up any confusion. This will be beneficial not only for the Olympiad but also for the future of the sport in general. Classes sixth, seventh, and eighth is the foundational classes in which to develop the fundamentals of all of your disciplines. It is critical to maintain concentration during these to comprehend the essential ideas in later years.

Do not panic

Do not be frightened even if you are administering the examination. Take a few deep breaths and keep in mind that these are merely examinations. There will always be more, and they will not determine the course of your entire life. Students constantly have the opportunity to learn and enhance their performance.

Time Management

One of the most important things to remember during Olympiads is to divide your time between each question in the appropriate manner. You only have a limited amount of time, which frequently causes students to become anxious. While you still have the opportunity, practice your time management skills.

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