What Are The Major Rules for Playing Kabaddi?

kabbadi rules

Many people prefer to play Kabaddi as it is one of the most famous sports of Haryana and allows people to experience a unique environment while playing it. You might have seen many people sitting around the field of Kabaddi and betting on the players who are involved in playing it. Different people have different preferences, and for those who opt for betting in Kabaddi, it is a must for them to learn the rules first. For betting or playing Kabaddi, having knowledge about the major rules is a must as it allows people to experience a great environment with wonderful results. 

Once the people learn about the major kabaddi rules, it will allow you to have a great impact on their knowledge and also helps you to have a brilliant impact on your playing skills. Rules play a major role whenever you opt for playing any game or the time of betting. Usually, people don’t pay attention to the various aspects related to the rules of the game, due to which they face troubles. For more details about the importance of rules for playing Kabaddi, then you can stay focused and consider the following details provided by theflavoursofhistory. It will also help you know about the major rules that will provide you with the confidence to motivate you to play or bet on Kabaddi.

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Kabaddi rules

Let’s see what the rules are:

  1. Team. First and the major rule of playing Kabaddi is to consider the team as it helps people to consider the game. The Kabaddi team includes a minimum of 10 players and a maximum of 12 players. When the match takes place, seven players play the match on the ground, and the remaining are the substitutes that replace the players when they get tired.
  2. Duration. Another major rule of Kabaddi includes the duration of the match that consists of two halves, and each part continues as long as 20 minutes with an interval of 5 minutes. The last raider of each half of the match tends to complete the raid once the time is completed.
  3. Score. When people consider connecting with kabaddi rules, they must consider the next score that helps people learn about the scoring factor that greatly impacts their understanding. The score includes 1 point for each member made out, and if all the players made out them, they get two additional points.
  4. Time Out. Another major rule of Kabaddi is the time out that helps people greatly impact their playing and betting skills. Each team under this rule has a chance to get 2 Time Outs of 30 seconds in each half. The time-out rule is called by the coach, captain, and other members with the permission of the referee. If the team is violated, the team must stay on the ground; then, a technical point is given to the opponent.
  5. Substitution. The people who take part in Kabaddi must be aware of another major rule: substitution. There are 10 to 12 players in a kabaddi team, and five are reserved substituted players. While playing the match, if any player gets suspended, no substitution is allowed for that particular player, and the team plays with fewer players. Substitution is not allowed for the out players as they are only allowed if any player gets injured, and this aspect is done at the time of interval.
  6.  Bonus Points. For the people who opt to connect with Kabaddi, it is a must for people to learn about another one of the most famous kabaddi rules. Bonus points are active when there are a minimum of 6 players on the court; one point is given to the Raider if he crosses the bonus line. If they are caught, then the bonus point of one is also given to the opponent team. There is no Revival available for the bonus point; if another team touches the raider, he will not get any bonus points.
  7. Result. Finally, the last and the most important point is when people get connected with Kabaddi, they get the result in favor of the team that wins the match.
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By considering the major 7 points mentioned above, you can learn about the various kabaddi rules that can help you to enhance your knowledge about this game for playing or betting. Usually, people don’t pay attention to the rules of Kabaddi, due to which they face troubles while betting or playing it. For better understanding, you can stay focused and consider the information properly as it will help you to learn about the major rules of Kabaddi without facing any queries. 

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