How to Show Your Appreciation for Distant Relatives

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Many families will have some members who no longer live in their native country. For example, adults of working age can often move abroad to take advantage of improved job opportunities or secure an important promotion with a multinational company that operates in many different countries. In addition, many older family members may seek to retire to a different country, to take advantage of an improved climate or a lower cost of living. Historically, staying in contact with loved ones who had moved abroad could be difficult. International calls were expensive, making it challenging for people to regularly contact their distant relatives. 

In these circumstances, it was common to send a letter every month where key family developments could be outlined, and some form of regular correspondence could take place. Thankfully, in 2024, improvements in technology and different infrastructures allow easier contact with relatives on a more regular basis. If you have a loved one who lives abroad and want to show your ongoing appreciation for them, this article will be of assistance. Some key ways to stay in touch and make them feel special will be explored.

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Send them parcels to mark special occasions

Your distant relatives will likely have some special occasions to celebrate each year. These can range from birthdays to wedding anniversaries or other such momentous events in their lives. While you may be unlikely to be able to visit them in person on each occasion, it is still important to show your appreciation for them and to celebrate these special times. Today, sending parcels abroad that contain gifts for your distant loved ones at a low cost is possible. 

Even bulky or heavy items can be shipped internationally for reasonable fees by using the services of experienced shipping companies such as Shiply. Search online for international shipping agents; many sites will allow you to specify the weight and dimensions of the package you intend to send, along with the start and end points of the journey, before giving you a quote for the delivery price. Such services can typically be cheaper than conventional mail services, especially when sending larger items. Your distant relative will genuinely appreciate a thoughtful gift sent to them to mark their special occasion. Just remember to check the expected delivery schedules to ensure that it arrives on time.

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Stay connected by video call

While you may not be able to enjoy face-to-face conversation in a shared physical location with your distant relatives, modern communication technology allows you to benefit from video calls, often for free. Apps such as WhatsApp are completely free of charge to smartphone users and allow video calls to take place effortlessly at a time and place that suits you. If you prefer to use a larger screen, there are a wide range of free video calling platforms that can be downloaded to your computer or laptop. Most of these will allow group calls to take place so that you and other family members can chat together from the comfort of your homes. In short, this can be a key way to stay in regular contact with distant relatives without spending large sums of money on international calls.

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