Enterprise Software Implementation: Useful Tips and Common Mistakes

enterprise software

Modern business is heavily dependent on the availability of quality software. Most of the production and operational processes, such as production automation, data collection and systematization, payment transactions, information exchange, function thanks to software. That is, the quality of software affects the competitive advantages and success of the business as a whole.

The role of software in the work of the company also depends on the product niche. For example, in the brokerage business, the effectiveness of a broker depends on the quality of analytics tools and payment services. In the manufacturing, mining sectors, corporate programs are also strengthening their presence. Under the guidance of the software, conveyor systems, logistics, packaging and distribution lines, and production equipment operate. Our well architectured review will help you understand this issue.

What are the processes involved in software implementation?

Implementation of software is a technical process of customizing a software product to meet specific customer requirements, as well as advising staff specialists on emerging usage difficulties.

Objectively, the setting may not be included in the implementation process. For the customer, the main thing is to solve the set business problem. Therefore, if employees have independently figured out the product, the service can be considered as completed. That is, the setting was carried out, despite the fact that the process required a minimum amount of time. At the same time, if for the implementation of software it is required to conduct training or record video courses, these measures are within the competence of the contractor, that is, the product developer.

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Stages of software implementation

When a contractor is faced with the task of proposing and implementing corporate software, first of all, it means an author’s product, “sharpened” for specific customer requirements. It is important for the client to get not just a standard option that is used in the mass market, but also to effectively solve their needs, taking into account their consumer niche and company. For this, there are special enterprise software development services.

Proper assessment of the task allows you to successfully organize the work. By default, the corporate software implementation process includes:

  • Formulation of tasks to be solved.
  • Completion of software according to the requirements of the client or development of a solution from scratch.
  • Testing the program in real conditions. Correction of errors, bugs, finalization of the product, taking into account the amendments of the client.
  • Installing software, setting up the program.
  • Brief training on the use of the product for the company’s staff.
  • Training materials with a detailed description of the possible difficulties with the operation of the software.
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In most cases, developers are not interested in further learning. It is quite logical that it is beneficial for the contractor to hand over the project as soon as possible and receive payment. This factor cannot be called typical, but such situations occur frequently. The way out is to formulate in detail and prescribe in the contract the business tasks that need to be solved. In the future, tie the provisions on payment to the requirements for the delivery of the project.

At the stage of formulating goals, it is important to build on real needs, conduct a conscientious dialogue with employees, involve full-time programmers and contact the contractor with ready-made formulations. Often the contractor simply may not know about the specifics of the client’s business, and it is quite justified that the contractor cannot make sound recommendations on what solution is best suited.

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Possible errors during software implementation

In order to avoid possible misunderstandings, it is better to immediately explain to the customer that the product being introduced is unique and it is simply not realistic to take into account all possible conflicts. As the product is implemented and tested, the difficulties that have arisen will be resolved.

Among the typical errors, there are a lot of variations that can cause a negative result. First of all, the performer needs to avoid haste, not to take on strict obligations, even if the customer “presses” and shows irritability.

Often during implementation, the client sees his shortcomings in the formulation of the final goal and makes improvements as the product is implemented. This is a typical situation for many customers. For the contractor, it would be better to formally prescribe the possibility of additional work and indicate an increase in terms in connection with this.