Best Roulette Strategy – Is There a Winning Betting System?



There are many fun casino games you can play online, from the best online scratch cards to the classic roulette. The latter is one of the most popular casino games, subject to deep analysis and calculations. Sure, roulette appears simple with a potential of huge winnings, but only with proper strategy and lots of luck.

Fortunately, roulette isn’t like winning the lottery, as the former has higher chances of winning. In Canada, the odds of winning the main jackpot is a whopping 1 in 22,924,800. But when you play roulette online in Canada, the odds against winning a straight-up bet game is 37 to 1. I like those odds, as long as you play in a reputable online casino!

Best roulette strategies

How can you heighten those odds and win good money? Here are the best roulette strategies to look into!


This is one of the more popular strategies to use and of the staple betting systems. It’s also one of the more straightforward strategies to comprehend. This strategy will tell you to bet on a specific unit. Then you double it after each loss.

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The Martingale strategy will be a slightly long process as you’ll be betting $1 more after every successful bet, so you need to be patient here.

There is also the Grand Martingale strategy, which would have you bet even more money than the traditional system. In this strategy, you’ll double your current bet plus a bit more that is equal to the original bet. Note that this will significantly impact the bankroll but with a higher payout upon winning.


This is another popular choice, which is a mathematical sequence found in nature. Fibonacci is a bit more complicated compared to the Martingale, though you can pick it up as you go.

This strategy might sound a bit riskier compared to the Martingale. However, it actually isn’t! Some experts recommend sticking with the Fibonacci system to play safe.

Paroli or Inverse Martingale

The Paroli or Inverse Martingale is the exact opposite of the Martingale. Rather than doubling your bet after every loss, you double it after each win. This makes it a bit safer compared to the traditional method.

This system is designed for outside bets since you’ll have to have the highest possible statistical chance for you to win. That is an almost 50% chance with outside bets, usually. Note that there are versions of roulette, like American roulette, that have steeper edges, so use this strategy wisely.

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D’Alembert is a very progressive stratagem, though, in this strategy, players won’t bet on aggressive stake increases. Rather, you will bet in a flat amount. The first thing to do is to select a particular betting unit. Typically, you’ll want to bet about 0.50% of your bankroll, provided it is within the minimum bet limit.

When you use the D’Alembert, you’ll increase or decrease your betting amount by 1 unit based on whether you win or lose a game. You’ll be progressing slowly, either higher or lower. It’s suitable for low-limit tables as well since you won’t hit any table limit.


This is a fun strategy to try. Basically, the strategy will tell you to think of an amount you want to win, then breaking this amount down into bets. That way, you won’t be likely to run out of room for betting from reaching a threshold.

For instance, you want to bet $15. Simply split that amount into individual bets ranging from $1 to $3. How you’ll order the sequence will depend on you, so you have more control over the next steps.

James Bond

The James Bond is a non-progressive roulette strategy. You won’t have to increase your bets drastically, being an anti-climatic game. This keeps you safe and increases your chances of winning more while losing less.

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The James Bond is a flat system so that you won’t increase your bet value. It is called such as it was created by Ian Fleming, father of the whole James Bond franchise!

According to Fleming, there are optimum roulette bet combinations. In this strategy, you make the same bets after each spin. Bet on the following:

  • $14 on numbers 19-36
  • $5 on 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 19
  • $1 on 0

This might be a bit risky since won’t stick to the typical odd and even bets and it will take more luck compared to other strategies mentioned above. Plus, the house edge may play a role at one point. That said, even if you lose, the losses won’t be as high.

Learn more about the roulette strategies and other online casino games from the author, Conrad A. Brennan.

Wrapping It Up

Each casino game has its strategies, with roulette having numerous ones. Try any of these strategies next time you play roulette and see which one works best for you. Good luck!

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