6 Myths about Photography that should not be Believed


Every field of activity has its own myths. Photography is no exception. In today’s article, we will dispel the main myths that keep you from taking stunning photos.

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Myth 1: The better the camera, the better the photo

This myth was not born out of anything. It is true that the clarity and size of photos depend on how good a camera you use. However, this applies, for example, to the cameras on older smartphones and on newer devices. But even the best camera alone cannot make your composition better or make you discover potential photo opportunities.

A poorly composed photo that is not taken at the right shutter speed and aperture will still not look great, even if it is taken with the most advanced camera. Conversely, even a smartphone can take stunning photos if you put the effort into it. One of the most important things that do not depend on the camera is to choose interesting and beautiful poses with friends for pictures or other poses and have fun!

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Myth 2: Editing is cheating

Many people argue that the use of photo editors is a scam used by unscrupulous photographers to sell pictures at a higher price. In fact, they just don’t know how to use these tools. Every photo would benefit from some level of editing. No one is saying you have to change everything, but a little cosmetic post-processing will make beautiful photos perfect.

Editing has been a part of photography since the movies and is just a way for the photographer to realize their vision of the image they took. Here’s a list of the best photo editing apps:

  • Luminar Neo;
  • Adobe Photoshop Express;
  • GIMP;
  • Paint.NET;
  • Pixlr.

Myth 3: You can’t take photos in the wrong light

Light is one of the key components of great photography. Even the most mundane scene can be transformed with amazing light. Always keep in mind that what is considered bad light for one type of photography will be perfect for another. For example, overcast weather may not be good for landscape photography, but it is perfect for portraits and for food photography. The only advice we can give here is don’t be afraid to experiment!

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Myth 4: Attending a workshop is a waste of money

A photography workshop is not only a great way to immerse yourself in photography for a while or practice and learn from a tutor, but it’s also a chance to meet like-minded people who share the same passion as you do. That means you have an opportunity to make lifelong friends. In addition, workshops talk about such interesting things as:

  • ISO adjustments, black and white balance, brightness, and contrast;
  • advantageous poses for photo shoots (BFF photo shoot, tips for women, snow photo shoot, etc.);
  • communication with the model, help in selecting makeup and clothes;
  • work with photo editors.

The key is to find a workshop that fits your needs for what you want to improve. You can choose from hundreds of options online or you can listen to friends who have the same interests.

camera viewing body of water and trees during day

Myth 5: Just set your camera to auto

This myth is related to the first one. Many beginners think that it is enough to buy a good camera, and then just set the auto settings. Of course, setting your camera to automatic from time to time is fine. However, if you do it all the time, you just can’t learn anything. Also, it’s far from always possible for a camera to be better than a photographer. For example, it may raise the iso too high or give you a wide aperture when you need more depth of field. The only advice we can give is to learn how to use your camera, study the guides, and practice, and then you will definitely succeed.

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Myth 6: Photography is all about luck

Honestly, sometimes there can be an element of luck when it comes to great photos. For example, when it comes to wildlife, it’s important to be able to catch a good moment. However, this is not true of all pictures. Most great photos come from research and careful planning by the photographer.

Visit your chosen location ahead of time to take a look around. If the weather conditions don’t suit you, you’ll have to go back there again and again. Photography is about hard work, not luck.

Closing thoughts

Well, we told you what myths inexperienced photographers most often believe. We advise you not to listen to them, but to practice, and then you can create perfect photos.

If you want more tips on how to compose, what photo editor to use, or what poses for friends you should choose, visit the blog Skylum. Read, practice, and reach new heights!