5 Convincing Reasons to Lose Weight

Lose Weight

If you struggle with your weight, you know how great it makes you feel when you successfully lose a few pounds. You can now go on long walks. Plus, you’ve lowered your risk of getting diabetes. 

Even if you’ve lost a few pounds, you may still have more weight to go. Having the motivation to lose more weight is vital to follow through with your goals. 

Besides the mentioned health benefits, there are many more you may not be aware of. 

Here are some ways how losing weight can improve your health and lifestyle!

Less Joint Pain

Being overweight, unfortunately, puts a lot of strain on your body. Your joints, in particular, bear the brunt of the excess weight. 

If your knees have been bothering you, it could be a sign that your joints are giving you problems. So, to remedy this problem, you should lose more weight. 

The good news is that when you do reach a healthier weight, it relieves stress on the joints. Plus, it reduces inflammation in the body, improving your joints. 

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Eat foods that take down the inflammation to keep your joints functioning well. Examples of such foods are leafy green vegetables, fatty fish, fruits, and green tea.

Less Stress 

If you’re not eating right, not only is it resulting in weight gain, but it’s contributing to stress. 

If you’re feeding your body junk food and fried foods, it’s no wonder you feel stressed! Like a car, your body runs better on the good stuff. Fruits, veggies, and protein keep your body functioning well.

There’s also the science behind why you feel overwhelmed. When you eat foods high in sugar, the stress hormone cortisol increases. So, you’re unknowingly creating more stress in an already chaotic life. 

When you make healthier eating choices, you naturally lose weight. It may be challenging to make the right food decisions. Yet, by shifting your focus and eating nutrient-rich foods, you’ll feel less stressed. And in turn, you’ll also lose more weight. 

Less Pain in Your Feet 

If you struggle with foot pain, losing weight can help with that! Plantar fasciitis is a common and painful foot condition that makes walking difficult. You may even have an injury that hasn’t healed due to weight gain. 

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However, making the extra effort to lose weight will push you in the right direction. Lauren Wurster, DPM, who works for the American Podiatric Medical Association, says that with every step, feet absorb around 120% of your body weight! 

Those findings alone should prompt you to lose weight. So, if foot pain has been pestering you for months, losing weight may be the cure.

More Sleep at Night 

Believe it or not, weight loss also contributes to how much sleep you get.

Besides food, sleep is what keeps your body functioning well. Without it, you may find you can’t concentrate as much. Furthermore, your moods are all over the map, and you’re making your significant other unhappy. 

Weighing less also improves sleep apnea symptoms. So, that’s another motivator to make healthy changes! 

Bottom line: If you want to sleep better at night, consider losing weight. 

Better Immune System 

If you tend to get sick frequently, being overweight may be the culprit. Or, at the very least, weighing too much weakens your immune system. 

Again, fueling your body with the right foods is vital to keep your immune system ready for battle. 

With a healthy immune system, your body is better equipped to tackle any viruses that come your way. Who knows, it may even prevent you from getting COVID-19! 

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In Closing 

It’s exciting knowing the rewards that happen when losing weight. But for many people, losing weight may prove challenging. 

In closing, we thought we’d offer a few pointers on how to start your weight loss journey. 

Exercise Often: Exercising more frequently can aid in weight loss. High-intensity exercise, in particular, can expedite losing weight. 

Eat Less Sugar: As mentioned, eating less sugar decreases the stress hormone cortisol. And when you’re less stressed and your body runs better, the pounds drop off. 

Consume Cannabis: Many cannabis strains can aid in weight loss. Veriheal has an excellent article on which cannabis strains you may consider.

Drink Green Tea: Drinking green tea provides the body with antioxidants and weight loss. 

Seek Counseling: If you struggle with depression and other mental health issues, a health professional can help. Speaking with a therapist can help you develop better habits. They can offer pointers on how to make better decisions regarding your diet. 

Remember, weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. But with the right plan in place and motivating factors, you can make it happen!