Effects of Technology on the Gaming Industry

gaming industry

The gaming industry as we know it today isn’t what it used to be decades ago. Massive advancements in technology have sprouted a new dimension to gaming that even gamers from the 90s would not have imagined. Of course, we know that there’s always room for improvement in the tech world, but what remains a shock is the extensiveness of the application we’ve been able to achieve.

Today, we see new online casinos redefine what it means to get entertainment through gaming online. We now see them host 3D games, which wasn’t possible if you’d gone to a traditional in-house casino. Meanwhile, that’s just the obscure sectors that were positively affected; we haven’t even evaluated mainstream gaming.

Ways in which Technology advancement has affected the Gaming Industry

The effects of technology in the gaming industry have been quite evident in the last couple of years. We can’t help but appreciate how far we’ve come. Grasping this fact is, in a way, preparing us for what to expect in the future.

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3D Graphics

Everything was text-based and ran on 2D only when the world was introduced to gaming. Even though we knew games at that time were a tech miracle, we sure hoped for something more realistic and entertaining.

We’ve got what we craved several years later as we’re now way ahead of the simple, super Mario interface. Games like GTA5 are now providing something similar to real-life simulations.

Improved Communication

Back in the day, any avid gamer had to be an introvert. It was hard seeing an extrovert sit with the console all day and not get bored by playing the exact predictable COM. Well, now that’s changed because gaming interfaces now even host mini-social media tools that allow gamers to interact with each other.

Nowadays, people can connect with friends in a game, communicate through chats, and even make real-time calls while in-game. It’s become so sophisticated that a gaming platform can easily be substituted for a socializing tool. For example, shooting games like COD now allow teams to communicate while in battle. Instead of older shooting games where the best you could get as a multiplayer is when a friend comes to visit and you guys play together.

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Better AI-Powered COMs

A long time ago, you had to have another player in your house with a second controller for one to really enjoy gaming. COMs were programmed to carry out a series of tasks/actions. It gets boring if you play long enough because you start to understand each signature move before it happens. This was a real letdown in games like god of war 2 and Street Fighter.

These days we’re proud to say COMs opponents are getting smarter even though we don’t need to play them anymore as we’re gaming with friends online. We now see gaming companies programming COMs to make different moves depending on your position and difficulty level.

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It comes as a no surprise because we needed a dedicated console to enjoy 3D games back in the day. It was tough for avid gamers to do what they love while leaving the house, which is why gamers were often regarded as introverts.

However, things drastically changed as we can now play mobile versions of the same game with arguably the same level of quality on our smartphones. More so, pocket-sized dedicated consoles are now upgraded to power 3D gaming, as we’ve seen from the evolution of the Nintendo Gameboy.


Gaming is just a tiny part of the entertainment sector that has been impacted by technology. Other aspects, such as music, art, comedy, and even mainstream social media, have had their fair share of the cake. We can only expect more of the same as we’re heading towards the revolution of the metaverse and web 3.0.